About Tunley Farm Butchers

For 6 years, Tunley Farm Butchers has provided a great selection of meat to the Somerset area and beyond. We source all our meat from local suppliers and farms and pride ourselves on our high standard of customer service.

Located on the 500-acre Tunley Farm we supply to the highest standards of welfare and strongly believe happy animals make for better meat. Our locally sourced meat includes beef, poultry, lamb, pork, and game. Our sausages, burgers and meatballs are all gluten free and all made from prime pieces of meat, teamed with the perfect seasoning.

Our meat is included in our ever-popular meat boxes. The perfect start to your weekly shop. All locally sourced and teamed with local vegetables too. We like to provide great value for money to our customers. You can now get the best charcuterie and rich cheeses from our deli range, as with our meat, all locally sourced to give you the best of Somerset and the South West.

Meat Boxes

Do you need the best seasonal meats and vegetables to make the tastiest dishes? Then look no further than our locally sourced meat boxes. Have the best BBQ in the summer or the richest stew in the winter months, you will find all the meat you need right here. Take a look and discover the best array of quality meats with Tunley Farm Butchers.

Butcher Experience day

Butcher Experience Days

Making the most of your joint of meat will help you to greatly reduce waste and get all the flavour for your dishes. Learn with our expert butchers how to get the best cuts and learn all about the meat you eat day to day. We have a range of courses to suit your requirements and they make the perfect gift for the food lover in your life.

Contact You Local Butcher

Contact your local butcher and discover why Tunley Farm Butchers are the best in Bath and the surrounding areas. Our skilled butchers can cut you the ideal joint or construct the perfect meat box to meet your weekly requirements.