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We know our customers sometimes have questions and we like to be helpful. So, below are the most common questions we get at Tunley Farm Butchers. If you can’t find the answer below, contact us and we will be able to give you all the information you need about our services and products.

Every delicious steak you have ever enjoyed eating started with a good cut of meat. But picking that perfect cut can be overwhelming — good local butchers are flooded with options, and it’s not as straightforward as simply choosing the one with the highest price tag. Each cut has different qualities, and the right cut for you will rarely be the most expensive one – talk to your local Somerset butcher about the best cuts.

Yes, place your order before 5pm on the website and collect the next day, please make sure to check our opening times.

We pack in polystyrene boxes, to help with cost and to be kinder to the environment. We need the boxes returned so if you are out and we leave a box please save it to return the next time you order. 

We source all our meat from suppliers and farms, all as close to Tunley Farm as we can. These are hard-working independent farmers, who know and respect their animals and every inch of the beautiful Somerset farmland.

The majority of our meat including chicken and poultry is free-range or RSPCA farm assured.

Free range applies to meat, eggs, and dairy farming. Is a method of farming where the animals for at least part of any day, roam freely outdoors and not confined in enclosures for 24 of each day.

You can freeze meat for a long time, and it will still be safe to eat, but the quality will deteriorate over time – so it’s best to eat it within 3 to 6 months. Do not worry if it’s frozen for longer – try marinating it before cooking to improve texture or use herbs and spices to add flavour.

For raw poultry, ground meats, and other chopped-up cuts of meat, cook them within two days. Larger cuts — like roasts, steaks, and chops — can be stored a bit longer, but should be used within five days. If you don’t have time to cook the meat at the end of these time periods, just freeze it, as freezing will halt any bacteria growth.

Chicken welfare standards are designed to ensure that all the animals are reared according to the requirements and have everything they need for a better quality of life, whether they are kept on large or small farms, or in indoor or outdoor production systems.

Yes, we do! Our address is Shop 4, Green Park Station, Bath BA1 1JB – we would love to see you.

You tell us; You can nominate a friend to take care of your parcel, or you can suggest a safe place for us to leave your parcel. Whichever way your parcel will be in cool safe packaging to ensure you receive it in perfect condition.

Tuesday to Friday is absolutely free for all orders over £25 in BA1, BA2, BA3 & BS39, there is a small surcharge for other post codes and Christmas eve. The website will calculate the delivery costs for you and display in the checkout automatically.

Yes mostly all our meat is Somerset reared, and where possible we source from as close to Tunley as we can.

You can order via our on-line shop, by telephone or even text message. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy great local food.

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