Tunley Farm Butchers Christmas Order Form

Christmas is drawing near and it’s time to order all your meat for the festivies. With an amazing range of locally reared meat to choose from, Tunley Farm Butchers will help you and your family to truly enjoy the day. Simply fill out the form with all your requirements. Once complete, click send and we will confirm your order with you.

If you should have any questions, please do let us know. We are more than happy to help.

All orders are subject to a minimum 50% deposit with remaining balances, paid on collection or on delivery. Home delivery is Free on orders over £30 except 24th – £10 charge.

Once you submit your Christmas order form we will be in contact with your confirmation and payment options.

Local Free Range Bronze Turkey,
Haywood Farm, Hemmington. We charge £12.95 for birds 5 - 7.5 kg. Birds below 5kg £13.50/kg and recommend allowing 600g/person.
Traditional Somerset Turkey,
We charge £11.95/kg and recommend allowing 600g/person
Boneless Turkey Crown’s,
we charge £13 per kg
Stuffed Turkey Roast,
we charge £15 per kg
Duck & Goose
Creedy Carver Free Range Duck,
£8.90 per kg
Local Free Range Goose-(limited availability),
We charge £16.00/kg, and recommend allowing 600g/person. Please specify weight required (birds between 4kg and 6kg)
Farm Fresh, Chicken (Devon),
We charge £6.00/kg, and recommend allowing 400g/person.
Local Free Range Chicken,
We charge £7.50/kg, and recommend allowing 400g/person.
Local Free Range Cockerel,
We charge £9.80/kg, and recommend allowing 450g/person. Please specify your weight (upto 5 kg per bird)
Local Free Range Lamb,
available on request
(we recommend 250g per person) £13/kg
Boneless Rib Eye Roast,
£22/kg Sirloin Boneless (we recommend 250g per person) £22/kg
Rib (French Trimmed),
(we recommend 250g per person) £20/kg
Whole Beef Fillet,
Pork & Sausages
French Trimmed Pork Loin,
£11/kg. (we recommend 300g per person)
Pork Loin,
(we recommend 300g per person) £9/kg
Pork Shoulder,
(we recommend 300g per person) £7/kg
Belly Pork,
(we recommend 300g per person) £8/kg
Sausages & Bacon,
Please tick and specify quantity. Prices per 500g. However, You can order any weight or any number of slices you require.
Please select Preferred delivery time (to be confirmed closer to Christmas) * 24th AM only limited availability + £10 surcharge applies.,

If you prefer to download and print the Christmas order form. Click Here